The village of Dolni Lomna sits at the northeastern tip of the Silesia area, just a stone’s throw away from Slovakia and Poland. Tesin Beskids offer hundreds of kilometres of hiking and cycling trails that allow you to enjoy views of the unique mix of thick forests, mountain meadows and landscape with an exceptional number of mountain cottages offering a taste of the local gastronomy, culture and traditions. Feel free to ask us to help you with choosing a suitable trip for you.  

Family-Friendly Rides

1. Cycling route through Lomna Valley with the finish at Prelac.
Length – 20 km, elevation gain – 290 m. Points of interest: magic well, Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross with a picturesque way of the cross, beer tasting at the Pod Kycmolem microbrewery, vernacular architecture along the way to Prelac.

Route map


2. Cycling route to Mosty u Jablunkova.
Length – 18 km, elevation gain 285 m. Point of interest: mountain coaster in Mosty u Jablunkova.

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Medium difficulty

1. Dolni Lomna – Javorovy Hill
A beautiful ridge ride finishing at Javorovy Hill. Length – 38 km, elevation gain – 885 m. Points of interest: Kamenity Cottage, Javorovy Hill.
Point of interest: chata na Kamenitém, Javorový vrch.

Route map


Dolni Lomna – Ostry Cottage.
Length – 30 km, elevation gain – 790 m. A ridge trail visiting four tourist cottages. Points of interest: Kozubova Cottage, Kamenity Cottage, Ostry Cottage, Slavic Cottage

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1. Dolni Lomna – Mount Lysa.
A superb trail for experienced bikers. Length – 60 km, elevation gain – 1,839 m. Points of interest: Bily Kriz, Mount Lysa, Slavic Cottage, Kamenity Cottage.

Route map

2. Dolni Lomna – ridge trail around Lomna Valley
A highly challenging terrain, only for very capable bikers. Length – 33 km, elevation gain – 1,100 m. Points of interest: Skalka Cottage, Kamenna Cottage, Murinkuv Hill, Slavic Cottage, Kamenity Cottage, Kozubova Cottage.

Route map


Through the Landscape of Ancient Highlanders – Educational Trail

The almost 4 km-long trail shares the starting point with the Mionsi Forest Educational Trail at the Matyscina Meadow information centre, and is mainly suitable for hikers.

The start of the trail is on asphalt and follows the Glovcin stream. From Polana Cottage the trail continues through the woods all the way to the Mala Kykula ridge.

If you wish to extend this trail, instead of descending back to the valley, you can continue following the marked tourist trail to Kozubova and then along the ridge to Kamenity and Slavic.

Seven wooden panels placed along the trail allow you to take a glance into the way of life led by the inhabitants of this area more than 100 years ago.

They provided for their families doing different professions than we know today. Most of them were linked to forestry work.

Felled wood was being taken by horse loggers from Lomna to Jablunkov, Cesky Tesin and Ostrava for the emerging steelworks and mines. Horse logging started gradually disappearing with the construction of railways, and road transport left horse loggers with only the most difficult part of the transit – pulling logs from the woods to the road.

Route map


Observation Towers

There are many unique observation towers in Tesin Beskids that are worth visiting. The views of the area from the mountain perspective are awe-inspiring. You can get a bird’s eye view of the local mountains, valleys and villages from the most beautiful spots and observation towers.

Cantoryje Observation Tower

To get a bird eye’s view of Tesin Beskids, you need to visit the observation tower at Velka Cantoryje (995 m). There is a green hiking trail from the village of Nydek. Another way of getting to the tower is using the ski lift from Ustron on the Polish side of the mountain. The tower itself is located at the Czech-Poland national border. If you wish to have a rest, buy some refreshments or a nice souvenir, you can do so in the wooden hut next to the tower.

Kozubova Observation Tower

Kozubova Observation Tower is undoubtedly one of Beskids’ jewels. The keys to the tower and the enclosed chapel are available at the tourist cottage. You will be amazed by the stunning views of the Beskids and the Jablunkov area. From Kozubova you can continue to Kamenity Cottage and descend down the meadow to a bus stop, where you can take a bus back to the apartments.

View from Javorovy Hill

Javorovy Hill and its surroundings are a very popular destination for sports and relaxing activities. From Oldrichovice, you can use a ski lift to get to the top. In winter, the area is very popular for cross-country skiing and other winter sports. There are ski slopes of all difficulty levels with ski lifts. They are regularly groomed and topped up using snow machines. Outside the winter season, the cross-country skiing trails are used for moutainbiking and hiking.

There is also an approx. 280 m long rope trail in the beautiful beech woods. Javorovy Hill is also known to be a paragliding paradise, where those who dare can enjoy a tandem flight. The cosy restaurant inside the tourist cottage offers tasty refreshments.

Tetrev Observation Tower

With good visibility, it is possible to see Mala Fatra and the High Tatras. If you drive to Mosty u Jablunkova, you can visit the local mini museum and information centre in an original wooden cottage, and then hike to Skalka and Tetrev Observation Tower.

For the way back, you can hire scooters from Skalka Cottage. Another option is going via Sance, a medieval fortification, and the mysterious Megonky Quarry.